The Valentine's Day Event 2011 was a Gaia Online event.


The event involved sending Valentine cards; for each card sent an event item would be sent along with it. Users could contribute with Gaia Gold or Gaia Cash by purchase of items.

There were two teams: Pro Valentine's Day and Anti Valentine's Day. Regardless of joining a specific team, users could switch at anytime. The more cards they sent the more forum titles they gained.

Event timelineEdit

  • Jan 27 - Event landing page released
  • Feb 04 - Valentines Day event soft release.
  • Feb 06 - Header link to event forum. Wing Sticker becomes active.
  • Feb 07 - Announcement of event
  • Feb 08 - Private Message from NPC:Diedrich and NPC:Radio Jack.
  • Feb 14 - Valentine cash items moved to La Victoire.
  • Feb 16 - Event ended at midnight.
  • Feb 18 - Cash Shop items still in place.

Event conclusionEdit

The event ended on February 16. The themed cash shop items were available until the 18th.

Event ItemsEdit

Gaia NPC ItemsEdit

  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Diedrich's Balloon
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Radio Jack's Balloon

Other ItemsEdit


  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Hairpin
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Bouquet
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Parasol
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword


  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Hairpin
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Bouquet
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Parasol
  • Listing V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade

Gaia Shop ItemsEdit

Map:La Victoire

Map:The Treehouse

Gaia AchievementsEdit

  • Valentines Day 2011 Event

Forum Titles

  • Cold Fish  : [0-1 Letters]
  • Tepid Groper  : [2 Letters]
  • Lukewarm Lover : [4 Letters]
  • Hot Stuff  : [8 Letters]
  • Steamy Dreamboat : [16 Letters]
  • Red-Hot Romancer : [32 Letters]
  • Sizzling Seducer : [64 Letters]
  • Ultimate Hustler : [128 Letters]


Additional infoEdit

Site feedbackEdit

Work In Progress

Technical issuesEdit

Site & Forum

  • Feb 07, 2011 - This is just to let everyone know the event is still in a soft launched state. The wing stickers, header icon, and navigation links won't be active until we are satisfied with the events playability and are ready to move the announcement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Event is now launched. icon_smile.gif

-Event Staff[1]

  • With no site wide announcement made the forum "Love it or Shove it" was created in January, it was then turned into the main forum for the Valentines event. The event was a soft release as to avoid a flood of users that would cause a glitch.


  • There was a flash space for the event called 'Valentine's Plaza', there Gaians could chat with one another.
    • The area was split between Diedrich and Radio Jack, with both sides having a different theme.
  • The total cost of items in gold was 23,200. And the total cost of items in cash was 1,396.
  • The forum for this event is no longer present.

Flavor textEdit

General errors

  • *You must select someone to send a card to.*
  • *You do not have enough gold for the selected item.*
  • *You must select an item.*


  1. Topic Valentines Launched - Posted: Feb 07, 2011

External linksEdit

Announcement forum

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Event forum


Staff notices

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  • Topic GRS News - Posted: [NPC] Ivan Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:20 pm
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