The Valentine's Day Event 2009 was a Gaia Online event.


The event involved sending Valentine messages to fellow Gaians and event NPCs. The messaging system from the event page featured a Mad Lib set-up. By typing in terms as instructed, Gaians could send a nonsensical message. The receiver could accept or reject the message as they wished.

When it came to NPCs in order to receive a 'reply' and photograph, Gaians had to met a certain criteria for some.


Event timelineEdit

  • Feb 12 - Announcement of event
    • Manga update - Valentines Day 2009
  • Feb 18 - Announcement of Gaia Anniversary.
  • Feb 17 - Event ended, presumably.

Event conclusionEdit

The event presumably ended on February 17.

Event ItemsEdit

Mad Lib ItemsEdit

Gaia Shop ItemsEdit

Map:La Victoire


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Work In Progress

Technical issuesEdit

Site & Forum

  • There were reports that a Database Error occurred when trying to obtain a photograph from an NPC.[1]


  • Event items were obtained when a receiver accepted ones message and the sender accepted one back.
  • When it came to obtaining the NPC photos, those who could not get them legitimately could just use the URL code for the photos.
  • Devin and Vanessa are the only two photos to have a Item:Jumbo Hotdog in them. This is based on a running gag involving the item.
  • The forum for this event is no longer present.


  1. Topic Valentines database error/ lists of NPC's that don't work - Posted: Maniacal Twist Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:58 am

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