The GAIA Exchange is a forum devoted solely to the negotiation and completion of transactions between users concerning both items and gold. Users create threads that put certain items in their possession up for sale or bid, and most sales occur by means of auction, with other users offering increasing amounts of gold or items with a similar value.

The Exchange is undeniably where the 'upper crust' of Gaians live - those few who contain the majority of the wealth on Gaia. This has led to many dramatic scenes and confrontations over the years, as well as putting many of those Gaian celebrities under fire for unethical principles and deception put to use.

Basic PrinciplesEdit

The main principle of the Exchange forum is to buy as low as possible and sell as high as possible, thereby giving yourself a profit. It is undoubtedly a faster and easier way of earning gold than bumping.

However, due to its intrinsic capitalistic nature, many Gaians have objected to the very nature of the Exchange, claiming that it is unfair and biased in favor of those who have had more time to gather the amount of capital needed to start exchanging.

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