Sponsorships are deals between Gaia Online and other companies in which Gaia, on behalf of the sponsor, creates promotional quests, items, or features in return for money that goes towards the growth of the site. The introduction of sponsorships was in February 2007, and by March of 2007 the first sponsorship The Last Mimzy made its debut.

With the rising population of user base, feature maintenance, staff pay, building and server cost, Gaia Online was not gaining enough money from its users alone, and so has had to bring in promotional sponsorships to raise enough money to break even.

Sponsorships were originally met with anger from the users, claiming that Gaia was selling out. Gradually, sponsorships were accepted with the majority of users knowing that without them Gaia would not have enough income. On a Trivia note, in 2005 there were leaked images from a media kit. This developing media kit was Gaia's early attempts create sponsorship for the site.

This category will document all the sponsorships that have had user interaction as well as certain small advertisements. However, due to multiplicity of various click advertisements, they will not be tracked. These advertisements are simply there for viewing and usually involve grant links that yield Gaia Gold.

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