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Spam is an action used in Gaia Forums. Spamming is defined as creating excessive multiple postings with the same message being repeated ad nauseam.

Spam is a catchall term for unsolicited advertising, bumping, or any posts or PMs that do not contribute anything, but rather prevent communication and/or slow down Gaia's servers with pointless chain letters.


On Gaia OnlineEdit

In forums, spam are off topic posts, bumping when the thread has not yet fallen off the first page, or anything adds nothing to the conversation ("I agree"). Spam is discouraged in all the the forums except the Chatterbox, as well as certain guild forums, whose entire purpose is to contain the spam from users posting for gold that would otherwise consume the site.

In private messages, spam is any message that either asks the recipient to pass it on (chain PMs) or is repeatedly sent in rapid succession with little to no variation. Chain PM spam uses threats, guilt, or promises of luck or other rewards to convince someone to pass on the message to others. Spam often uses technical language, or claims to come from an administrator, in order to sound credible.

No matter what the PM says, a user cannot be a virus, the only 'secret features' are test trials sent out by admin, no one is going to delete an account, and a User won't be subject to good/bad luck, random events, or anything else based on messaging something on to friends. It does no good to send it on, but it can do harm, taking time away from friends, and putting undue stress on Gaia's servers.

Other types of spam, most commonly found in trolling.

Consequences explainedEdit

Users can be reported for this type of action. They are warned to hinder their spam postings and to contribute to the discussion. However further infractions will result in an account being temporarily banned.

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