The Original Poetry and Lyricism Forum, affectionately known by its regulars as the “OP/L,” is a subforum of the Writer's Forum on Gaia Online. While there are occasional debates revolving around what constitutes poetry (generally occurring in regard to a particular user-submitted poem) and a generous amount of trolling and tomfoolery, the main focus of this forum is the sharing and critiquing of poetry. Both first-time and fairly experienced poets come together in the OP/L, sharing their own work and critiquing the work of others. Many regulars of the OP/L have been noted to be extremely harsh critics; this tendency toward harshness has, however, often crossed the line into flaming or "pseudo-criticism" that does not address the betterment of the submitter's piece. Some regulars have railed against this in a variety of ways, taking it upon themselves to create threads offering gentler criticism or simply admonishing other regulars. The community of regulars is, all the same, extremely tight-knit, leading many newer posters to view the oldbies as elitist and cruel. The OP/L is extremely friendly and helpful, however, to those seeking to improve the aesthetic elements of their poetry.

Important ThreadsEdit

A Guide to the Art of Poetry: A sticky that presents the fundamentals of writing poetry, particularly useful for beginning poets.

Your Guide to this Forum: The forum guidelines sticky, consisting of basic rules of posting etiquette.

The Ministry of Lurve: The OP/L's now-extinct chat thread, which consisted mostly of forum oldbies. It was often abbreviated as "MiniLurve" or "Ministry" by many of the forum oldbies. Newbies were always welcome--as long as they weren't deemed to be irritating by the majority of oldbie posters. This thread was actually a descendant of the "Uterine Cult" thread, which served as a chat thread until its controversial removal from the forum in 2005. As of July 03, 2007, The Ministry of Lurve was locked permanently due to, what the moderators say, it being a central location for overall negativity. Since its deletion, chat threads are no longer allowed in the OP/l.

Bohemian's Challenge: In full it is "Bohemian's Challenge (see 1st post) New words all the time!", it was made by bohemian_lover_boy, an op/l regular, on Feb 20, 2005. It is the longest running exercise thread in op/l history.

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