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[NPC] Moira is a Gaia NPC. She is a denizen of Durem and the shopkeeper of Durem Depot and Exchange Bugs. She is also the lead singer of the band, Nervegas Crisis.



Moira is an adult female human with short purple hair, brown eyes, and light skin. In 2004 she wore a midriff-baring pink top, short jacket, hip-hugger jeans with a chain & lock belt, and boots. Her accessories are a studded collar, lip piercing, navel piercing, and leather.

Moira's official stats are as followed: 5'6"ft, 115lbs, Type AB[1]


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Nervegas CrisisEdit

Nervegas Crisis (abbreviated as NC) is Moira's all female punk band. Moira acts as the lead vocalist and guitarist. During her early existence in Gaia she would always mention that she had a band, however, her so-called band was never seen and no name was given. On 2009 February 24, the Chance Item FAMESTAR 2000 was released and featured the band, which consists of Moira, Ines, and Mona. The SDPlus (#57 Nervegas Crisis Dolls) allowed Gaians to equip a Deemonic Headband and a Nervegas Tattoo.

On 2010 June 22, the Chance Item Famestar Hero was released and featured various bands trying to save the world from alien invaders called the Vylons.


  • Ines is the band's bass guitarist.
  • Mona is the band's drummer.
  • NPC:Liam is a former love interest until Moira, Sasha, and Vanessa found out he was "three timing" them.
  • NPC:Louie Von Helson is a former love interest who became attracted to Moira during the events of MMVII. It seems the are just friends now.


Additional infoEdit


  • This character was designed by L0cke a former Gaia founder.
  • Moira is a feminine name with Greek origins.


If you wanna show off your wild side, Durem Depot has what you need.
See anything you like?
You should check out my band, Nervegas Crisis. We've got a gig tonight at the Cramp Room.
Nice look! Of course, you'd look nicer with my help...
Chains and spikes make everything better.
Durem's a great city. Beats the stench of Aekea any day.
My advice? Stay away from Liam. That guy is nothing but trouble.

Hotter than a KiKi Kitty for 4k!
Oh Gino don't be such a drama llama!


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Halloween Event

  • 2004 Oct 31 - Halloween Event 2004: First Halloween costume
  • 2018 Oct 23 - Halloween Event 2018: Nervegas Crisis



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  • 2006 Sep 25 - Manga:Drag-N' Drop Part 1
  • 2006 Oct 11 - Manga:Drag-N' Drop Part 2
  • 2009 Aug 05 - Manga:Juvie Camp


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