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[NPC] Louie Von Helson, now simply Louie, is a Gaia NPC. He is a denizen of Durem and the co-shopkeeper of H&R Wesley. He is the son of a vampire, Vladimir Von Helson, and a human mother, Rosalie.



Louie Von Helson is an adult male half-human/vampire with long jet black hair, gray eyes, and pale skin. When reuniting with his long lost sibling, Ian, Louie wore a black shirt, pants, and shoes. When he began working for Edmund he wore an elaborate attire consisting of a blue jack with gold accents, a ruffled tie, white stockings and black shoes. He currently wears a tartan suit and hat.


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  • NPC:Ian is Louie's older brother. They were reunited after years of separation due to a tragic event.
  • NPC:Moira is a former love interest who Louie became attracted to during the events of MMVII. It seems they are just friends now.
  • NPC:Rosalie was the mother of Ian and Louie, she was murdered by their father.
  • NPC:Johnny K. Gambino was like a step-father to Ian. As for Louie, the relationship was tense due to his family name.
  • NPC:Vladimir Von Helson was the biological father of Ian and Louie. In being a vampire that makes Ian and Louie half vampire.
  • NPC:Von Helson Sisters, Anne Corinne and Marie Von Helson, are paternal half-sisters to the Von Helson brothers.
  • NPC:Zhivago is the former servant of the Von Helson family and assassin. He terrorized the Von Helson brothers years after they ran away from the Von Helson manor.


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Edmund told me I did okay in his absence, but it's still a relief to have him back.
Edmund thought my remodeling was too ostentatious at first, but I think it's grown on him.
Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere now that Edmund's back! Obviously he kind of needs the extra help.
Edmund's a genius! Violet spit up all over my silk jacket this morning and he knew how to make it spotless! Still smells a bit like oatmeal though... n


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