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[NPC] Liam is a Gaia NPC. He is a denizen of Aekea and the shopkeeper of The Jock Strap which was remolded from Crate & Apparel to a sports shop.



Liam is an adult male human with blond hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. In 2005 he wore a red basketball jersey, bandana, gray baggy pants, and sneakers. His accessories were black wristbands and a puka shell necklace.In 2009 with the arrival of the Jack Strap spots store, he now wears a gray track suit with a yellow strip and black sneakers. His accessories are yellow wristbands and a sweat band.


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  • NPC:Sam is Liam's current love-interest and both seem to feel the same way about each other.


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  • Liam is a given name with Irish origins. It has multiple meanings, a notable one being "Desire".


Yo, Username!
You're in the JOCK STRAP, baby! Yeah!
Think I'm gonna do some reps on my lutes and quabs later, then hit the weights and blast my triceratops.
Yeah, I build robots. No big deal. I build robots all day, then I hit the gym, get oiled up and flex all night.
Whew. Sweating a little. Just got back from the flexing cages over at the ballpark. I was flexing .760 today. Would have been higher but this machine kept shooting baseballs at me.
If you hear a sound like a gunshot or a whip crack, don't be startled-- that's just me hitting a sixteen-point flex pose.
Think I'm gonna go hit the showers. You can never hit too many showers.
Let me know if you see those creepy Von Helson sisters hanging around... they've got this huge, awful crush on me.
Dude... have you seen Gino? I'm still not sure he knows...


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