[NPC] Johnny K. Gambino, unequivocally known as Gambino: "Most Powerful Man in Gaia", is a Gaia NPC. He was a denizen of Isle de Gambino and its developer. He has a son named Gino Gambino and was the lover of Rosalie. Given his power and fame among Gaia it also was his downfall multiple times until his actual death by an assassin.



Johnny K. Gambino was an adult male half-human/titan with blond hair, purple (sometimes red) eyes, and light skin. Know for his large figure and thick eyebrows, he was commonly seen wearing a cape, diamond studded cravat, white dress shirt, purple vest, and red pants held up by a " G " buckle belt and black loafers. He attempted to dress his son in the same manner to unfavorable results.

He also wore more casual attire consisting of a blue vest, white loose tie, dress shirt, and gray slacks.


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Johnny was the decedent of a titan.

  • Quick healing.
  • Hair could grow quickly when cut.
  • When tapping into titan abilities, had immense strength and speed.
  • Could gain more power when humanity was on his side.


Johnny K. Gambino was the wealthiest citizen of Gaia. He was also the most loved, most hated, most powerful and controversial. Gambino ascended from poverty and obscurity to worldwide power and fame. As a developer, he converted a lifeless island into a flourishing recreational powerhouse.

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  • NPC:Ian is a parental step-son via Rosalie.
  • NPC:Edmund is his best friend and chief of research of G CORP.
  • NPC:Bucho is his head of security and guardian of the Gambino Family.
  • NPC:Rosalie was the wife of Gambino, she disappeared after Gino was birthed.


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  • Gambino's official birthrate is 1962 May 15.
  • Johnny is an English given name. Gambino is a name of Italian origin.






  • Year Month Date - The First Gaian Anniversary Ball
  • Year Month Date - Easter Day Event 2004
  • Year Month Date - Rejected Olympics 2004
  • Year Month Date - Halloween Event 2004
  • Year Month Date - The Second Gaian Anniversary Ball
  • Year Month Date - Gambino vs. Von Helsons
  • Year Month Date - April Fools' Day Event 2005
  • Year Month Date - April Fools' Day Event 2006 (manga only)
  • Year Month Date - Halloween Event 2006
  • Year Month Date - Valentine's Day Event 2009
  • Year Month Date - School Survival Guide 2009
  • Year Month Date - Gaia's 4th Anniversary Ball
  • Year Month Date - Gaia's 7th Anniversary



  • Year Month Date - Manga:A GAIA Christmas Story
  • Year Month Date - Manga:April Fools '05
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Gino vs. Labtech X
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Return of Gambino
  • Year Month Date - Manga:We Come In... Piece?
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Return of 09
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Convergence
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Damian
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Unveiled
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Prom Drama
  • Year Month Date - Manga:Dark Alliance
  • Year Month Date - Manga:The Rise of Gambino
  • Year Month Date - Manga:The Fall


  • 2006 Oct 03 - Manga:The Young Man and the Sea


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