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[NPC] Ian, also known as Damian Von Helson, is a Gaia NPC. He is a denizen of Barton Town and the shopkeeper of Barton Boutique. He is the biological son of a vampire, Vladimir Von Helson, and a human mother, Rosalie.



Ian is an adult male half-human/vampire with jet black hair, gray eyes, and light skin. Before the reuniting with his long lost sibling, he had blond hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He wore, and continues to wear, a brown hat with a leaf on it, brown vest and jacket, slacks, and shoes.

Ian's official stats are as followed: 5'8"ft, 135lbs, Type O[1]


When not pressured with a serious confrontation, Ian is a kind, open, and easy-going guy. He has a strong sense of loyalty, which tends to bring out his ignorance in certain situations, and a strong sense of duty. He is always up to finishing what he started.


  • It is assumed that he has all the abilities of the average vampire.


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  • NPC:Sasha is a former crush to Ian and is now a close friend.
  • NPC:Louie Von Helson is Ian's younger brother. They were reunited after years of separation due to a tragic event.
  • NPC:Rosalie was the mother of Ian and Louie, she was murdered by their father.
  • NPC:Johnny K. Gambino was like a step-father to Ian during his early days of shop-keeping. He was later assassinated.
  • NPC:Gino Gambino is a maternal half-brother to Ian and was also a rival for Sasha's affections at one point. Both have since come to terms with one another.
  • NPC:Vladimir Von Helson was the biological father of Ian and Louie. In being a vampire that makes Ian and Louie half vampire.
  • NPC:Von Helson Sisters, Anne Corinne and Marie Von Helson, are paternal half-sisters to the Von Helson brothers.
  • NPC:Zhivago is the former servant of the Von Helson family and assassin. He terrorized the Von Helson brothers years after they ran away from the Von Helson manor.


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  • Ian is a name of Scottish Gaelic origin, ultimately derived from Hebrew Yohanan and corresponding to English John. Damian is a given name that comes from Damianus, which is the latinisation of the Greek name.


Great to see you, Username. How's life?
You can sort by price if you're on a tight budget. We've got plenty of affordable stuff.
Remember to say hi to Rufus. He gets sulky if he doesn't get enough attention.
Hope you're not allergic to cats.
You like my outfit? I thought it was a little much, but Rufus says it makes me look like a movie star...
Barton's a great place to live. Ever thought about building a house here?
You should stop by H & R Wesley sometime. Edmund's back!
Tell Sasha I said hi, would you?
Rufus suggested I specialize in funny costumes-- but he's a cat, so all clothes are funny costumes to him.
Hey, wanna hear a joke? Knock kno-- interrupting cow! No, wait, I always screw that one up.
I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you can save a pile of Gold by buying used items on the Marketplace.
Gambino and I never got along, but deep down he was a decent man.


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  1. Olympic stats

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