[NPC] Gino Gambino is a Gaia NPC. He is the son of the infamous Johnny K. Gambino and the lovely Rosalie. After years of hardship he discovered he was half titan via his father's bloodline.



Gino Gambino is an adult male half-human/titan with blond hair, purple eyes, and light skin. When he was first introduced by Johnny, he was a small kid with short messy hair and large eye brows. His oversized clothes were a white dress shirt, purple vest, and red shorts held up by a " G " buckle belt and black loafers. Prior to his transformation Gino's official stats were as followed: 4'll"ft, 85lbs, Type AB[1]

He is now taller with longer hair tied into a ponytail. He was last seen wearing a white shirt, pants and a purple vest with black boots.


Gino was a shy kid with low self-esteem and tried everything to make everyone happy. He gradually gained confidence when he dawned a a mask and attempted to be a hero. His journey towards self-confidence continued when his life was put on the line various times.


Gino was the decedent of a titan.

  • Quick healing.
  • Hair can grow quickly when cut.
  • When tapping into titan abilities, has immense strength and speed.
  • Can gain more power when humanity is on his side.


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  • NPC:Sasha is a former crush to Gino and is now a close friend.
  • NPC:Ian is a maternal half-brother to Gino and was also a rival for Sasha's affections at one point. Both have since come to terms with one another.
  • NPC:Von Helson Sisters, Anne Corinne and Marie Von Helson, were like temporary care-givers when Gino lost his memory.
  • NPC:Zhivago is the former servant of the Von Helson family and assassin. He terrorized the Gambino Family for years until he finally killed Johnny.
  • NPC:Louie Von Helson is also his maternal half-brother, other than that they have no particular relationship with one another.
  • NPC:Rosalie was the mother of Gino, she disappeared after Gino was birthed.
  • NPC:The Overseer is a close friend and fellow deity. He traveled with Gino to get his powers back.
  • NPC:The Sentinel is a close friend and fellow deity. She traveled with Gino to get his powers back.
  • NPC:Meili is a deity of creation, he was killed by Zhivago in fight to protect Gino.
  • NPC:Gaia is a deity and mother to all other deities. She explained Gino's true heritage.


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  • Gino's official birthrate is 1988 May 13.
  • Gino Gambino is a name of Italian origin.
  • He and his father were some of the few NPCs with surnames.






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