Monthly Collectible is a Gaia Online Gaia Item.


A Monthly Collectible (MC) is a special Premium Item that is released once a month. The item is generally of higher quality than regular shop items, both in versatility and art quality.

They are only obtainable by buying a "Monthly Collectible Letter" from the La Victoire for a fee of $2.50(USD) each, the letter always occupies the first slot of the shops inventory. Another method to obtain letter is by buying them from another Gaian via trades or the Marketplace.

The Monthly Collectibles have been released every month since 2003 June, and for every 1 letter there contains a choice of 2 items, at times there are 3 for special occasions. The only difference is the very first letter which contained only 1 item, the Angelic Halo. When a letters month has passed, it will never be re-released, then the only way to obtain an older Monthly Collectible item is to purchase it from another Gaian via trades or the Marketplace. Other methods are to win an item from the "Gaia Wheel" at Gaia Online booths at conventions or if Gaia Staff holds a contests wherein the prize is a Letter of a particular month, which is quite rare.

After 14 years, the concept of Monthly Collectibles were retired in 2017 of March; it was instead replaced with the creation of Gaia's Angel Subscription.[1][2]

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Monthly Collectible Letter - Will be known as the primary container on the Gaiapedia. When a user purchases a Monthly Collectible Letter, they can open the letter to have a choice of two (as of now three) Monthly Collectible Items. They were originally called "Thank You Letter(s)" up to January 2010, and the then the items were considered Donation Items.
    • Human Item - These are Collectible Items created for the default Human Avatars, released in 2003 June.
    • Paw Item - These are Collectible Items created for Animal Avatars, released in 2014 March.
  • Monthly Collectible Bundle and (# Pack) - These Bundles are released with single choice Monthly Collectible Item. They release Monthly Collectible Letters, there are five in the pack. These were released in 2014 April.
  • Monthly Collectibles Collector's Pass - These are the latest additions to receiving Monthly Collectible Items. They will give a single copy of each item from 2016 July to December. This includes an exclusive new item.


  • Monthly Collectibles have a magenta sparkle Premium sparkle MC
  • Monthly Collectible(s) were previously known as Donation Item (DI).
  • On December 29, 2013, the Monthly Collectible Grab Bag was released, making any item from 2003 to 2013 obtainable by opening the container.
  • On April 15, 2014, letters were offered in a bundle package, opening will yielded five letters.


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