Mini Comic, formerly known as Weekly Comic, is a Gaia Online feature.


Gaia Online's mini comic is a part of its ongoing and original storyline.

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Based on the Japanese style storytelling of Yonkoma, a structured series of panels and speech bubbles. Gaia's mini comic features Gaia NPCs as the main characters in a (usually) random plot. The first true 'mini comic' was uploaded in September 2006 with "O RLY", it featured two characters who immediately dislike one another based on which forum they hang-out in; the General Discussions and Gaia Community Discussions, as both try to walk pass one another their owl-shaped hats intertwine their wings and pull them together, forcing them to confront one another. The two realize they have the same hat and start a conversation.

Among Gaians, the General Discussions forum and Gaia Community Discussions forum are seen as rivals due to their difference in discussion and user behavior. The hat featured in the comic is the Monthly Collectible, ORLY? Hat, an owl-like creature based upon a meme.

The mini comics are held in an archive and is featured on the right side, while the listing occupies the left. The reader can access all the manga and mini comics by clicking on a titled arc.

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  • 2006 Sep 16 - Manga, "O RLY (Hat Trick)"
  • 2013 Apr 25 - Manga landing page update

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