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The Marketplace exists for users to buy and sell items from each other. Unlike The GAIA Exchange forum, the Marketplace is fully automated.

The Marketplace 2.0 was released Saturday December 4, 2004.

The Old MarketplaceEdit

In order to buy from the Old Marketplace, users had to first buy a 'Trading Pass' from the Bank of Gambino. Once that was done, users could buy or bid on any item they had the gold for. Users could search by item name, price, and type.

In order to place things up for auction on the Old Marketplace, users had to buy a 'Vending Pass.' Vendors could place any item for sale, at any price, or can let buyers bid on the price. While users could have only 4 items for sale at once, any amount of identical game items could be sold in one slot. For instance, a user could place 50 white daisies for sale at once.

The New MarketplaceEdit

The New Marketplace was developed in the late summer of 2007. Changes in the Marketplace system include:

  • New Marketplace front page, including a Marketplace Snapshot, Wish list, Watch list, Luxury Items, You Might Like, Auctions ending now, and a My Store components
  • A sales fee was added, removing 2% of the profit created by a sale
  • The 'three-word-bug' was fixed
  • Users can sell and auction 10 items at once.

Old Marketplace GlitchesEdit

  • It was impossible to search for items with 3 letter names, making things like red ink, red fly, emo bag, and G-BOT hard to find.
  • If users used the minimum/maximum price search fields would go off of current bids, there was no way to search only for 'Buy Now' prices.


  • DARKNRGY (a Developer) created a special account named, MsTransaction, who was specifically made for reporting Marketplace bugs to. Gaians were encouraged to use this resource instead of creating new threads in Q&A. Since Developers discovered that tracking multiple threads in Q&F was not efficient and this was their solution.
  • MsTransaction was created "12/02/2004", with her last login being "01/03/2005" 11:29 pm. The account has 0 post, and though no Avatar is present, the clothing equipped can be seen: Suede Long Skirt, Moss Longsleeve Baggy Shirt, and Leather Boots.

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