Love Triangle is a term used on Gaia Online. It is a trope used to define a romantic relationship involving three people.[1]


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A love triangle is a romantic relationship involving three people. It was mentioned by Gaians when it came to the manga storylines involving Gaia NPC.

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  • The most obvious love triangle were with NPC:Sasha, NPC:Ian, and NPC:Gino Gambino. It is revealed when Gino sees Sasha holding Ian's gift he becomes extremely jealous and challenges Ian to a duel. - 11 Valentine's Day '06
  • Before the Gaia Prom 2K9 Promageddon event, NPC:Timmy attempted to ask NPC:Dr. Singh to the prom, but she had been asked by NPC:Lance. Even though it was simply a friendly gesture on his part Timmy still got jealous. - 22 Prom Drama
  • Previously it would be NPC:Liam and his serial dating that would not be considered a love triangle as his relationships usually involved more than three girls at a time. However, his attractions have since settled on NPC:Sam, though it is the NPC:Von Helson Sisters who say other wise. - 21 Gun Show.




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