This is a Chance Item container known as a Random Event Item.


How it is obtainedEdit

Ci gif GiftboxPink

A flying pink magical giftbox

When a user happens upon a Pink Magical Giftbox, they can open the container to receive an item. This giftbox randomly appears around the website primarily in the Gaia Forums or Gaia Towns, though rarely. The giftbox appears to Gaians by flying around the screen prompting users to Catch it before it's gone. clicking on the giftbox results in capturing it and sending it to Inventory to be opened and receiving a randomly given item. A pink giftbox may contain most of the items found in a Item:Brown Magical Giftbox or Item:Blue Magical Giftbox, or an item exclusive to the pink giftbox.

Before the blue giftbox, items were primarily seen in the pink and brown exclusively. When the blue giftbox arrived items were shared between the three.

Pink Magical Giftbox itemsEdit

Apparel and Accessories


Additional infoEdit


  • Pink Magical Giftboxes appeared in the MMO zOMG! in the form of Flying Giftboxes. Though these Animated look like this item, they are much less pleasant. See zOMG! page — zOMG! Wiki for further information.
  • The pink giftbox was a part of the April Fools' Day Event 2011 prank. When users opened the box during April Fools they would receive the World's Best Jeans... covered in cat urine.
  • Previously when the giftboxes occur, the user's avatar would have a surprise bubble, a hint to look around the screen. The giftbox would float around the screen, and must be clicked them to be moved into one's inventory.
  • The giftbox has yet to be updated with original items that equip to an avatar, there has been an update wherein the giftbox gives random formulas for the Gaia Item Alchemy feature.
  • The Angelic set has been seen on the mascot NPC:Gaia-tan, with the release of the Gaia Ascended Bundle.
  • The Spartan set was released during the hype of the 300 (film).

Referenced itemsEdit

  • Android Damage Prosthetics, is based on the The Terminator robots.
  • Ears of Enlightenment, is based on Buddha's stretched earlobes.[1]
  • Space Monster Hunter Mask, is based on the Yautja from the Predator (film).


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