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Death Moth refers to a moth that was present nearing the end of the adventure happenings in the Summer 2k10: Frontier Skies event in 2010 August 12. The moth would appear randomly and cause one of the crew members to chase it around, resulting in said crew member to run off the side of the airship. The crew member would instantly be killed or in rare cases actually survive with heavy damage. However, death always seemed to be the result for a majority of the players.

On October 13th the Chance Item, Item:Hell Prison, was released and with it the item Death Moth which parodies the infamous encounter by description, while the moths design is based upon a real species of moth called the Death's-head Hawkmoth.[1][2]

On November 10th the CI, Item:Neon Core released the Real S35 Brunosmad Doll, the description states: 'the moth that keeps killing everyone in Frontier Skies flew out of Brunosmad's wallet'.[3]

And according to NPC:Diedrich the moth who made crew members die was the same moth every time anyone encountered it on their journey and that the moth had killed thousands of people and will kill thousands more. The moth is not a friend of man.[4]

On 2011 September 22, an Animated Item CI was released called Astra Metamorphosis,[5] those who opened it had a chance to get wings similar to the Death Moth.


  • Death Moth
  • Death Moth (In My Hair)
  • Death Moth (Flying)

Flavor textEdit

The infamous encounter

Crewmate accidentally fell off the ship while chasing a moth.
• Investigate the scene.

The moth escaped unharmed. Shame about Crewmate.
• Crewmate dies.


  • Also known as The Moth, Killer Moth, Moth of Doom, Moth of Death and various other names.


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