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  • Black Wolf
  • Black Wolf (Ferocious Eyes)
  • Black Wolf (Mantle)
  • Black Wolf (Fur Gauntlets)
  • Black Wolf (Fur Legwarmers)
  • Black Wolf (Bushy Tail)
  • Black Wolf (Fang Dagger)
  • Black Wolf (Fang Necklace)

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Black Wolf - The Black Wolf is one of nature's toughest beasts, and warriors the world over revere it for its keen senses, stealthy coat and unmatched ferocity. Honor the wolf's spirit with a fur cloak, wolf's eyes, a snarling hood, a bushy tail and more.


  • The Black Wolf girl's design was created by Gaia Artist sukinahito,[1] she based this off the original White Wolf girl which was a part of Gaia's banner back in 2003 and 2004.[2]

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