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The Angelic Halo is the forerunner of all the Monthly Collectibles, by many standards, the Angelic Halo is the most coveted item on Gaia. The Administrators needed help to keep the site afloat and those who donated did so in support of the site rather than to receive an item, as is generally the case now. They received the first donation item, the Thank You Letter.[1]

Despite having a simple design the Angelic Halo is considered priceless. Even if it could be given a price it would cost trillions of gold. Over the years there have been many halo tributes such as other Halo styled items released as monthly collectibles, various Premium Items, and Event Items. Such as the Item:Mythrill Halo, which is Gaia's 100th donation item and modeled to commemorate the Angelic Halo. And on 2009 June 15, the Wind Halo was made to celebrate the Halo's birthday, along with a raffle that gave users the opportunity to win an actual Angelic Halo from a banned account, when a User made a purchase of at least 99 Gaia Cash using the Cash Shop, they would be instantly eligible to win.

Then on 2010 May 27, Gaia released the first Animated Items; and the Spectacular Golden Halo was among them. Nearly identical to its predecessor, this halo is considered to be a knockoff to its true cousin. The main difference between the two is that the Golden Halo features sparkles and the ring is thinner but has a wider circumference. Following after that, the Item:Electric Knight and Item:Serpentine Priestess were released, they are the first not to be Halo or Angelic/Demonic in some form, this is also true for the collectibles of 2011 and 2012. It is unknown as to why.

On 2013 June 28, 'The Spectacular Summer Sale' brought forth the selling of the Angelic Halo for Gaia Cash for the first time in Gaia's history, this being a change from the item being given away if a con-attendee happened to win it as a prize during a wheel spin or if a site contest was involved. On 2013 September 17, it was offered as a tournament prize featured in flash game, Smashblox. From then on it has been frequently released from various Chance Items or stocked in the Map:La Victoire.


  • Angelic Halo

Equips to the head of the avatar.



  • During the 2013 Black Friday Sale it was periodically restocked from November 27 to December 2 at its initial restocked price.


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