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Adventure Time - Look out for floating objects throughout the site!

Prepare for Adventure! - Grab our special Adventure Time CI to join Finn & Jake on a strange quest for unlimited universal knowledge! At the end, you'll be rewarded with one of these exclusive Adventure Time treasures:

Looks - These looks give you the full style of your favorite Adventure Time character in one handy item!

Buy Look 1

Buy Look 2

Sugar Royalty - This sweet pink ensemble lets you rule over the Candy Kingdom with a sugared fist! Features bubblegum hair, a beautiful gown, a golden crown and more.

Buy Look

Mathmatical Knight - Look heroically algebraic in the traditional garb of adventurers. Features an awesome hat, a powerful sword, a faithful canine companion and clothes fit for questing.

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Vampire Sound - Get decked out like a rock and roll vampire queen with a nocturnal punk getup, including a cool hairstyle, a tattered cape and a dangerous bass guitar.

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Adventure Time Forum - Plot your next adventure with Gaia's community of Finn & Jake fans!


Interview with the Creator - Peek inside the skull of Adventure Time mastermind Pendleton Ward at 6pm PT on 3/22!


Flash Space - Chat with fans and show off your awesome Adventure Time items in this live chat space!


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Companion and Fauna (large)

Companion and Fauna (small)

Apparel and Accessories


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  • The Adventure Time & The Quest for Knowing is the second sponsorship Chance Item and based on the show Adventure Time (AT). It was released along with other related items from the Cash Shop costing 749 Gaia Cash and the Gold Shop at starter prices of 5 Gaia Gold.
  • New users that registered were able to join during the Adventure Time promo, receiving Gold Shop based apparel. A forum was also created to talk about the series.
  • This is the first time for SDPlus dolls to be sponsor related.
  • At the time of the sponsorship, a scavenger hunt was going on, Users had to collect five of Finn's swords to receive an item.
  • Previous AT related item was released from the Crystal Overdrive CI, it is called Wizardry Time.
  • During Halloween 2k11, Peyo dressed up as Finn. (See) image here

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