Cow tipped

[NPC] Cow shown when Tipped by Humans.

On October 9, 2006, cows and bulls started appearing all over the world maps and were featured in a section on the world page.

Tarnation! Rancher Bill's idiot son left the gate open again! How in the blue blazes are we supposed to get them critters back in their pen? Oh well, let's just let 'em run loose for a while. Plenty of grass out there for 'em to graze on. I'm sure the locals won't bother 'em none. Yeah, I reckon they'll be fine, unless... now wait just a gosh-durned minute, what the heck is that thing in the sky?

On October 17, 2006, cows began to disappear and were replaced by crop circles at the Durem Caves North, Great Wall of Gambino, Barton South and Barton East.

The Number 19Edit

5eac91315 flip

The image that showed when users were Abducted.

Prior to the Event there was mass hysteria concerning the number 19. Speculation started from small factions of Gaians on theories about Ron Bruise, the Aliens, and many other things about the event. An announcement brought attention to these theories and on October 30, 2006 an Interview Transcript with the aliens was posted along with Ron Bruise.


Npc ufo

Gaia UFO

UFO's started showing up around Gaia Towns as a part of the Halloween 2K6 Event. 12 UFO's and 1 Mothership were seen on some occasions. The UFO's would usually float above random Gaians scanning them with their beam. The Mothership would appear usually in Towns with a Fountain. The UFO's would usually tell Gaians about their plots, such as that they were going to eat us, and a popular one "Help Us, Help You." After a short while the Admins of Gaia were Abducted,and NPC:alien_ufo_09 went missing. Even The Mothership had no clue where he was. On the same day the UFO's became actual Aliens. However, only UFO's 01-10 were made in their Alien forms.

Energy DrinksEdit

Shadow avatar

Probed Human on the Halloween 2k6 Forum.

Following up to the events two energy drinks popped up, first Gambino, inspired by the Buckin' Bino in the "Young Man and the Sea" comic, decided to introduce a Red Bino Energy Drink, which was shortly matched by a mysterious Item:Zurg Energy Drink from the Aliens.

Annual Halloween PartyEdit

Alien zapped

Zapped Alien on the Halloween 2k6 Forum.

Cow probed

[NPC] Cow shown when Probed by Aliens.

On October 31, 2006 The Annual Halloween Party started. Two drink stands were set up, one selling Red Bino and the other selling NPC:Zurg. Which can also be found sold in the Barton Boutique. During the event the normal Trick or Treating event was in play where like normal users could get Grab Bags from collecting candies from Shops and from Towns. The Halloween Forum this year allowed for Humans to Tip Cows and Zap Aliens, and Aliens to Probe Cows, and Probe Humans.