Jack (2k3)

Halloween 2k3 was one of the first Gaian events to take place. The event was hosted by Jack, the first of the Gaian holiday Icons. Jack offered grab bags in return for candy, which could be found by trick-or-treating to the shops. Once three bits of candy were collected, Jack would appear on the map offering a trade for one of his grab bags. Shopkeepers dressed up for the occasion.

Jack's Grab Bags Candy CombinationsEdit


Candy (2k3)

  • JGB 1: Lemon, Blueberry, Raspberry
  • JGB 2: Lemon, Lime, Raspberry
  • JGB 3: Lemon, Blueberry, Grape
  • JGB 4: Lemon, Lime, Grape
  • JGB 5: Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry
  • JGB 6: Cherry, Lime, Raspberry
  • JGB 7: Cherry, Blueberry, Grape
  • JGB 8: Cherry, Lime, Grape

H2k3 ItemsEdit

563x.png Jack's Grab Bags: Jack would give the player, one of those Bags with the right Candy Combinations. There were a total of 8 bags given out.

H2k3 jack items

1: Jacked-up Shirt - Dark shirt with jack-o-lantern print.

2: Jacked-Up Shoes - Peculiar shoes with the texture and feel of a pumpkin.

3: Jacked-up Pants - Dark pants with a Jack-o-Lantern print,

4: Jacked-up Gloves - Dark gloves with a Jack-o-Lantern print.

5: Jack's Anger - A mask shaped in the visage of Jack's anger.

6: Jack's Despair - A mask shaped in the visage of Jack's despair.

7: Pumpkin Stump - A hat made out of the best organic pumpkin one can find.

8: Kandy Korn Hat - You hated it as a little kid... and now you can wear it on YOUR HEAD!

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