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Gaian items, which had previously required to be traded in order to be transferred between accounts, were once again allowed to be given as gifts on January 31, 2006, as announced by this message:

Posted January 31, 2006

Those crazy admins! They've been so busy busy busy. Gift Giving is back, and so much better than before! First off... you can't just wrap anything. Well... almost anything, *except* for giftboxes (duh!) and game items. You can wrap items while browsing your inventory or from the little popup in the stores (when you click on an item to sell it), just like you used to... but it's a little different these days. There's more giftboxes to choose from, a more solid way of determining who to send it to (with a dropdown of your friendslist) and a message box (that was always there) with the option to send the gift anonymously. It's a pretty easy process... 1. Select item from inventory or in the view of your items in the new stores. *click* 2. *click* on 'Give as Gift' button. 3. Select which giftbox / wrapping you'd like. 4. Enter username or select from the dropdown of your friendslist. 5. Enter a message (or use the default one). 6. *click* Submit, then Confirm once everything is okay. 7. All done! Upon completion, the gift is wrapped, and delivered to the person you're giving it to in one easy step. They are also notified by PM from me that they've got a gift in their inventory. Isn't that just great? Thanks admins!

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