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This is the top page for the Work in Progress‎ series. It uses dynamic listing of all the pages on Gaiapedia which need different types of attention from Gaiapedia Users. Articles here are gradually being constructed, revamped, or in for a long process of gaining additional information until they are considered complete.


Article Work in Progress‎Edit

Event Work in ProgressEdit

Character Work in Progress‎Edit

Location Work in Progress‎Edit

Storyline Work in Progress‎Edit

Section Work in Progress‎Edit

‎Forum Work in ProgressEdit


Profile Work in Progress‎Edit

Article Out of Date‎Edit

Wikify Work in ProgressEdit

Expert Work in Progress‎Edit

Article AccuracyEdit

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Candidates for Bias‎Edit

Candidates for Breakup‎Edit

Candidates for Merge‎Edit

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Candidates for image requestsEdit

These are articles that may require an image to illustrate the subject, you can help by finding, uploading, and adding it to an article.


These are issues that most likely can only be dealt with by users with Sysop abilities.

Candidates for DeletionEdit

These pages are also listed for deletion but you may join in on discussions about them.

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Article ConjectureEdit

These pages are placeholders and will remain as such until official sources are confirmed.

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