The article is a guideline about uploading images to the Gaiapedia.


  • Official media is the preference. Personal images are to be linked from an actual image hosting service.
  • Licensing is required for all images. Refer to the drop menu or Category:Images.
  • Images should receive descriptive names.
  • Avoid uploading duplicate images, unless the upload is of better quality than the current image.
  • Use the Summary box to link the original source of the image. Example: "Avatar Ian1".
  • Gaian avatars are placed here.

What to knowEdit

Item namingEdit

• Human Avatar items and Animal Avatar have different naming styles.
• Humans → *_item_Example.png
• Animals → *_animal_Example.png
• As shown → Mc_item_Angelic_Halo.png

Image namingEdit

Step one is the prefix for features, flash spaces, shops, items, and some events being abbreviated.
• go  for Gaia Online, this is a general subject.
• fm  for Gaia Forums
• cs  for Cash Shop, this includes La Victoire, Phin Phang, Club Verge, Rococo, and Mecha Neko.
• mc  for Monthly Collectible
• ei  for Evolving Item
• ci  for Chance Item
• lq  for Limited Quantity Item
• gs  for Gold Shop
• gc  for Gaia Cash
• gg  for Gaia Gold
• gp  for Gaia Platinum
• ev  for Events / Contest
• ft  for Gaia Features
• ga  for Gaia Achievements
• npc  for Non-Playable Characters
Step two is the subject.
• banner / header / headercut
• promo / page
• item / gif
• avatar / art
Step three is the dating which follows the Year Month Date format.
• As shown → 2k8nov24
Step four is the name of the subject thus completing the task.
• As shown → Ci_banner_2k8nov24_fortuneegg.jpg

Optional image namingEdit

Gaia Games & FeaturesEdit

• forum  for Gaia Forums
• game  for Gaia Game
• ft  for Gaia Feature

Holiday eventsEdit

• Vday2k  for Valentine's Day Event
• StPD2k  for Saint Saint Patrick's Day
• Easter2k  for Easter Day
• AF2k  for April Fools' Day
• H2k  for Halloween Event
• Xmas2k  for Christmas Event

Annual eventsEdit

• Prom2k  for Gaia Prom
• Summer2k  for Summer Event
• Olympics2k  for Rejected Olympics
• Anniv2k  for Gaia Anniversary
• Annu2k  for Annual GAIA Ball

Storyline image namingEdit

• Manga Manga_Title Page_Number
• As shown → Manga Return of Gino page1.
• Mini comic_Mini comic Title
• As shown → Mini comic O RLY (Hat Trick).