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The Gaia Quest System is a way for users to interact with NPCs, and receive rewards. It was released November 16, 2006.

Quests Edit

  • Quests range in difficulty from simple to complex, and completion time from 30 seconds to a year. Any action on Gaia can be used as a quest trigger. If a trigger is already completed when a quest is started, the quest reward is granted instantly.

Current Quests Edit

  • The first quest received is for new users. Moira gives a brief tour of Gaia, explaining how to equip clothes, use Daily Chance, shop, and post on the forums. This quest may be completed once.

Retired Quests Edit

  • A majority of Sponsorship Quest are usually disabled within a few weeks or months of occupying Gaia.

Future Quests Edit

  • The Gaia Staff have stated that when they release backwings, they will be released through a quest system to avoid giving older users an advantage over newbies. The speculation of how they will be released is by use of the Gaia Achievements system.

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