The Gaia Prom 2008, known as Prom Crashers, was a Gaia Online event.


Prior to the event the staff created a bunch of promotional videos. And a manga update showed how the NPCs were getting ready for the event.

The event itself involved a prom themed atmosphere and took place in the flash space Map:Fanterious Hotel. The event's chaperon was NPC:Edy. There were various areas created specifically for the event and one area included a dance mini-game that involved the use of keyboard clicks. The event forum held multiple subforums for different discussions. And to top it off, shops were updated to stock promo themed items some of which were designed by fashion designer Christian Siriano of Project Runway.

Event timelineEdit

  • Apr 30 - Promotional video uploaded to YouTube.
  • May 1 - Announcement of upcoming event.
  • May 15 - The Class of 2008 Yearbook thread appears.[1]
  • May 16 - Announcement of event
  • May 19 - Event ended.

Event conclusionEdit

The event was meant to conclude on May 18 but it was extended one more day, the 19th.

Event ItemsEdit

Gaia NPC ItemsEdit

Other ItemsEdit

Dance mini-game

Gaia Shop ItemsEdit

Gold ShopEdit

Map:Barton Boutique

  • Listing Christian Siriano's Black Coat
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Red Coat
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Gray Coat And Shirt
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Ruffled Red Vest And Shirt
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Magenta Flow Gown
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Pink Flow Dress
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Pink And Black Dress
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Black Lace Gown


  • Listing Christian Siriano's Trousers (Black)
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Trousers (Dark Umber)
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Trousers (Gold)
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Trousers (Umber)

Map:H.R. Wesley


  • Listing Antarctic White Polyester Suit Jacket
  • Listing Cherry Red Polyester Suit Jacket
  • Listing Peacock Blue Polyester Suit Jacket
  • Listing Stallion Black Polyester Suit Jacket
  • Listing Black Pinstriped Polyester Shirt
  • Listing Peacock Pinstriped Polyester Shirt
  • Listing Red Pinstriped Polyester Shirt
  • Listing White Pinstriped Polyester Shirt


  • Listing Antarctic White Polyester Pants
  • Listing Cherry Red Polyester Pants
  • Listing Peacock Blue Polyester Pants
  • Listing Stallion Black Polyester Pants


  • Listing Antarctic Polyester Necktie
  • Listing Cherry Red Polyester Necktie
  • Listing Peacock Blue Polyester Necktie
  • Listing Stallion Black Polyester Necktie

Map:Barton Flowershoppe


Cash ShopEdit

Map:La Victoire

  • Listing Christian Siriano's Black and Cream Blouse
  • Listing Christian Siriano's cape
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Purple Black Gown
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Cream Ruffled Hoodie
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Coat


  • Listing Christian Siriano's Coffee Pinstripe Skirt
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Trousers
  • Listing Christian Siriano's Layered Skirt


  • Listing Caribbean Jade Voluptuous Wrap Dress
  • Listing Celestial Gold Glamorous Pumps
  • Listing Celestial Gold Slinky Split Dress
  • Listing Celestial Gold Voluptuous Wrap Dress
  • Listing Fiery Crimson Voluptuous Wrap Dress

Item:OMFG Box

  • Listing Deep Azure Voluptuous Wrap Dress
  • Listing Rich Copper Voluptuous Wrap Dress
  • Listing Romantic Mauve Voluptuous Wrap Dress
  • Listing Verdant Jungle Voluptuous Wrap Dress


Additional infoEdit

Site feedbackEdit

The elaborate set up for the event was well complimented. There was praise for the dance mini-game but there were issues with difficulty and syncing of arrows with songs.[2]

Some found issue with the sexual innuendos that was themed around the event. This included the song lyrics used in the mini-game.[3][4]

Technical issuesEdit

Site & Forum

  • Some users had problems access the event landing page and forum.[5]

Flash space

  • There were reports of the mini-game having lag issues.
  • Those with dial-up internet service had problems joining the flash space and playing the mini-game.[6]


  • This event introduced the dance mini-game. In order to obtain an item players had to maintain a streak.
    • Through building up Hot Streaks and increasing in rank, Gaians would receive further prizes as well as small gold bonuses.
  • The hotel was retired as a flash space feature. However its bathroom area was used in the Valentine's Day Event 2012 event.


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Event forum


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