Gaia Platinum is a currency available for use along with Gaia Gold on Gaia Online. Platinum is a light, metallic gray with very slight bluish tinge when compared with silver.[1]


This new form of currency has been in the works during July 2017, and planned in may 2017.[2] The reason for this new system is to counteract the inflation in the Marketplace and Trading forum. Though encouraged, the currency hasn't completely replaced Gaia Gold - the users have the option of using one currency over the other.

A single unit of Gaia Platinum is worth 10,000,000 Gaia Gold.

User response Edit

The new currency received mixed criticism. Some favored having billions and trillions in Gaia Gold converted to an easier-to-handle amount of Gaia Platinum. On the other hand, many argued the change was solely aesthetic, and not truly useful in fixing the economy of Gaia.



  • Over the years, Gaians themselves have discussed various forms of currency to counter act inflation, hording, and value.[4]
  • As the new system was implemented the Marketplace was temporary disabled and item listings were completely removed.


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