Gaia Homes is another method of customization presented by Gaia. Like the Avatar, Gaia Homes is more of a form of expression or identity than a game. Gaia Homes can be entered in the Housing Arena just like how Avatar's are entered into the Avatar Arena, .

The majority of the items used to decorate the Gaian Home cost several thousand Gaian gold, resulting in a high expense. Hence, those with a high amount of gold can easily indulge in a wide variety of fixtures and other types of home decoration, while poorer users are stuck with the items from the Starter Set, and some intentionally cheap items.

An expansion to double the size of your home is also available, but this feature costs 5,000g. It used to cost 20,000g, the same as a guild; when the price was reduced, users that had already updated their homes for the higher price were reimbursed the difference.

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