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Gaia Community Discussion (also known as the GCD) is a forum in the Gaia Community category that primarily discusses NPCs, items, storyline, events, and anything else relevant to the growing community of Gaia. The forum is fairly young, having only been created in March 2005. The sub-forums of the GCD are Gaia Quest System, Avatar Talk, Art Arena Discussion, Writing Arena Discussion, Homes Arena Discussion, Avatar Arena, Gaia Towns, Profile Discussion and Gaia Community Projects.

Posting GuidelinesEdit

The Gaia Community Discussion Forum, while it follows the Gaia ToS, has its own set of rules that are outlined in the GCD Forum R&G

  • Thread Creation Guidelines:
    • The GCD is a good place to discuss the different aspects of Gaia, such as the NPCs, storyline, events, donation items and the future of said things. It is also a place to discuss Gaia as a whole: its forums, policies, users, and other aspects of the Gaian Community.
    • The GCD is not the place to post spam, feedback, help, avatar talk, housing talk, roleplay, hang outs, real life issues, or user-specific threads. There are other forums to post such things.
  • Posting Guidelines:
    • All posts in the GCD, as well as in all of Gaia, must comply with the Gaia Online Terms of Service and also the GCD-specific Rules & Guidelines. Posts should be on topic, with as little spam as possible. Bumping isn't allowed, except to bring a fairly recent thread back to the first page. Spoof titles aren't looked kindly upon. Threads designed to specifically anger the users of the GCD Forum aren't allowed.


The GCD regulars are sometimes viewed by other forum users in a negative light for various reasons.

  • The GCD is the only forum where users can discuss the Gaia community. Therefore, a thread that criticizes another forum, such as the General Discussion Forum or the Extended Discussion Forum can only be created in the GCD. This leads users of other forums to view the GCD regulars as users who believe they are above users of other forums, when in reality, these types of criticism threads are in the GCD because it is the only place they belong. This fact has been partially addressed in the Cross-Forum Discussion Policy.

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