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Gaia Cash is a currency used on Gaia Online.


Gaia Cash, often more simply known as Cash, is the replacement for the old Gaia Gift Credits system. Cash is bought with real money, and can be spent on shop items, like Gift Credits, as well as Monthly Collectibles and special items in La Victoire, also known as the Cash Shop. It cannot be used in the Marketplace or traded to other users. The Gaia Cash System was introduced in 2007 July. On 2010 September 13, a subscribe feature called AutoCash was released, this was for people people who already spend 1000 GC every month and wanted an easier method. In 2011 March, a pay method for non-North American residents was made easier by addition of more options available within their country. In 2011 May, Gaia partnered with Boku, a new mobile payment provider, to make it possible to get Gaia Cash almost anywhere in the world. In fact, mobile payments are now supported in almost twice as many countries as before.

Users can purchase Cash through the Gaia Cash System page. Cash Cards can also be bought in the American stores Rite Aid, Target Corporation, and select Wal-Mart stores, and then redeemed on the Gaia Cash System page.

Item BonusEdit

For anyone who's bought or earned 3500 Gaia Cash or more in the last 90 days. This item will continue to be given out to loyal Cash customers every few months.
  • Radio Jack Messenger Bag - A bag based on the little demonic critter, Radio Jack! Use it to carry all your necessities in style.
For anyone who's bought a 10 dollar cash card from Walmart.
  • To celebrate the new partnership with Zeevex, for a limited time only the following was offered.
Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on an Ultimate Game Card and get a Red Panda Scarf
Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on a Zeevex Game Card and get the Red Panda Slippers
Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash on a Gaia-branded Cash Card and get Woodland Fawn Scarf
Buy $10 or more of Gaia Cash with PayPal and get the Woodland Fawn Slippers


  • 1 Gaia Cash is worth about the same as 60 Gold in Gaia stores.
  • On October 30, 2012. It was announced that some stores would not be selling Gaia Cash Cards. On November 19th, Gaia teamed up with Zeevex, a virtual currency card provider.

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