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Gaia Cards, also known as Blackjack, is a Gaia Online feature.


Feature explainedEdit

Cards gameplay resemble blackjack (or 21) with some modified house rules. Gaia's version of this game bends the rules of standard casino blackjack to include elements such as the card dealers cheating and having life bars. The maximum bet per hand is three tokens.

This is the second game introduced to the Map:Gold Mountain Casino. It features three Gaia NPC named: NPC:Russell Ace, NPC:Jinx, and NPC:Cardbot. They are card dealers and must be defeated to earn Item:Tickets.

Loading explainedEdit

Upon loading the game, players must first choose a room server. By create a room players and choose to play alone or invite friends.

Previously, the game had a set of permanent rooms to choose from.

Feature timelineEdit

  • Month date - Announcement of feature
  • 2006 Mar 13 - State what happened

Feature ItemsEdit

Other ItemsEdit

Gaia Shop ItemsEdit

Map:Prize & Joy


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