Dancey Dancey is a term used on Gaia Online.[1]


Term explainedEdit

Dancey Dancey was a phrase said by NPC:Ian and NPC:Rufus the Cat after they were reunited in the manga #18 Convergence. After days of separation Ian reunited with his friend and proceeded to grab his paws and dance around with him shouting "Dancey Dancey!", to which Rufus replied with 'Ian, let go of me! This is no time for Dancey.' They danced anyway, provoking NPC:Johnny K. Gambino to come up to their room and smash their record player.

Dancey Dancey was later mentioned in manga #22 Prom Drama, Rufus wanted to Dancey Dancey at the Gaia Prom 2008 just like old times.

Term usageEdit

  • There is also a game room for Gaia Pinball entitled 'Dancey Dancey all the time room'.
  • During the Halloween 2k7 event a downloads section included two wallpapers of Rufus, with 'dancey dancey tiem nao?' written on them.[2]
  • In the Gaia Runway there is a theme titled Dancey Dancey with the description "It's dancy dancy time. Showcase your moves. Don't let Rufus down!".


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