The Christmas Event 2011, known as Xmas 2011 The Carol of Old Pete, was a Gaia Online event.


Event explainedEdit


Gaians could used the Gaia Shops and Gaia Towns to earn event items.

Event timelineEdit

  • Month date - Announcement of event
  • Month date - State what happened
  • Month date - Event ended; forum archived

Event conclusionEdit

Work In Progress

Event ItemsEdit

Gaia Staff ItemsEdit

Other ItemsEdit

12 Days of Gaia ItemsEdit

Caroling ItemsEdit

  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Caroling Cap
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Merry Mittens
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Puffy Shirt
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Puffy Pants
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Merry Boots
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Capelet
  • Listing Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Lantern

Donation ItemsEdit

  • Listing Xmas 2k11 Event Ol' Pete's Sweater
  • Listing Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Antlers
  • Listing Xmas 2k11 Event Carl Slippers
  • Listing Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Spirit

Alchemy ItemsEdit

Formula Items

  • Listing Formula 1: Gary's Island Adventure
  • Listing Formula 1: Silver Sable Coat
  • Listing Formula 1: Peppermint Stripe Apron

Component Items

Crafted Items

Gaia Shop ItemsEdit


Gaia AchievementsEdit

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Site & Forum

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Flash space

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