Bump is an action used on Gaia Forums.


General usageEdit

To BUMP a thread on forums is to post a reply in order to return it to the top of the list of active threads. This is also called "necroposting", i.e. thread necromancy, or "gravedigging", as old threads are said to be dying or dead. BUMP is sometimes used as a acronym for "Bring Up My Post" or as a recursive acronym "Bump Up My Post".[1]

Other depictionsEdit

Typically a thread may be bumped after it has received no replies in some hours or days. In other instances, bumping is used to keep threads deemed important from falling off the forum's front. In this case, bumping would not be a breach of netiquette; to the contrary, it may be seen as a necessary if mundane task to be performed. Bumping can be in the form of pictures, or words (i.e. bumps, bump, bumpness)

Entire forums of Gaia Online such as the Chatterbox may be made for such activity to simply gain gold, although many forums such as General Discussion and Minishops Forum may "bump" up a thread to keep it visible for posting activity or to consistently advertise a shop within a forum.

Word Bump gameEdit

Main article: Word Bump

Released in July 2006, this is a game similar to Scrabble, it allows players to click on letters to find words and submit them for points.


  • Depending on the guidelines of the forum, a thread that is bumped to frequently without discussion can lead to it getting moved to the Chatterbox or the Recycle Bin.


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