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Begging is an action used on Gaia Forums.


Begging is the unwanted solicitation of a donation. Begging usually takes the form of a post in a thread (these are often deleted as spam) or a PM to another user although sometimes users may begin in towns, rallies, or on zOMG!. Many newbies perpetuate the noob stereotype by begging before they learn that begging is not socially acceptable in the world of Gaia, but not all beggars are new users.[1]

Asking for donations is not regarded as begging; as many users politely request donations to further their Charities And Quests and many charities give out donations with no strings attached. As long as it is asked of politely, it is not begging. However, if it is asked in an demanding and repetitive manner, then it is begging. No one wants to be continually asked anything after they have already said "no".

Begging for gold can lead to unwanted negative attention to a user. Very rarely will begging benefit someone. Users can even be reported for begging because if a beggar persists, it can turn into trolling.




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