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Ban is an action used on Gaia Online. It is used as a mean to forbid a certain action by a member.[1]


General usageEdit

A ban is when the Administrators or Moderators determine a certain user has violated the Terms of Service and restricts the user's access to the account. It can range from three days to indefinitely or permanent.

Bannable offensesEdit

Accounts are banned for breaking the Gaia Online Terms of Service. These usually involve (although are not limited to) scamming, hacking, taking advantage of a glitch, or harassing other users (flaming)

In order to be banned, an account must first be accused of breaking the Terms of Service. This could be done by having an inappropriate Private Message, forum post, or conversation in a game reported. A user might also be banned if a Moderator or Administrator catches them in the act of breaking a rule.

Other forms of banningEdit

An IP ban is when a user's IP address will be banned from the site, and thus that computer will no longer be able to view it. This is rarely, if ever, done because the fact that there are often unrelated users which share the same IP, such as two users who use the same computer, or two computers on a ISP or network sharing an IP.


Bans can be permanent or temporary. If an admin or moderator is in the process of deciding if a user is guilty of their actions or not, they may ban the user until the decision has been made. If a user breaks a rule once or only performs a mildly offensive action, the ban will be shorter. If a user performs multiple offenses or a more serious offense, the result is potentially a permanent ban.

A ban does not remove the account, which is impossible to do, nor does it remove the gold or items of the account.  Bans typically happen in this fashion, but it is not a step by step process. A user may receive disciplinary actions such as Official Warnings or a ban for a reported violation, depending on the severity of the Terms of Service violation. Each case is handled on an individual basis.

  1. Official Warning - Minor disciplinary action usually issued for minor violations. Often issued via PM by a moderator.
  2. 3 Day Ban - Least severe type of ban, usually for first time offenders and less serious cases.
  3. 14 Day Ban - Second to last type of ban, used when users have violated the rules constantly and do not cease violating the TOS.
  4. Permanent Ban - Most severe type of ban, the user's account is permanently blocked from accessing the site.