Animated Item is a Gaia Online Gaia Item.


An Animated Item (AI) is a Premium Item that display frames of animations when equipped to an avatar.

Animated Items were introduced 2010 May 27, when the twin stars Mintaka & Rigel took over the La Victoire. The items are crafted by their younger siblings stars Saiph & Hatsya. With these new items a new tab appeared in the Gaia Inventory titled "Animated" (now "Astra" as of 2016).

Types of ItemsEdit

  • Animated Item - Will be known as the primary name on the Gaiapedia. Users can equip an animated and static pose.
    • Human Item - These are Animated Items created for the default Human Avatars, released in 2010 May.
    • Paw Item - These are Animated Items created for Animal Avatars, released in 2014 April.
  • Animated Chance Item - This refers to Chance Items containers and bundles that release Animated Items.
  • Animated Item Bundle - These bundles contain individual Animated Items.


  • The animation for the items function by SWF (Shockwave Flash). These animations can be 'paused' in the forums by the account settings.
  • To hype the then-new feature, various Administrators and Moderators were seen with these items. When Gaians took notice, the Administrators and Moderators pretended that they had no clue what was going on.
  • Originally the first set of items (Spectacular Golden Halo, Baron the Lively Owl, and Sweet Charming Blush) had a limit to how long they would be animated.
    • This concerned Gaians who left feedback about the limit. It was from that feedback that the object, Blessed Stellarite was released; it was a rare 'element' that could power the items for a month. This feature has since been disabled.
  • In 2010 July Animated Items were given the title of "Astra" followed by a Roman Numeral.
    • In 2014 June this form of titling has been discontinued.


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